REGARDING the controversy about Bill Copeland’s comments as guest speaker at the recent Scottish Football Writers’ Association (SFWA) end-of-season awards, I just thought I would put my tuppence worth in. Bill used to be a lawyer so clearly he must have the nous to have sussed out that society has changed drastically since the dark days, such as in the 1970s, when homophobic, sexist and racist humour was the norm. So why, despite this, were some of his comments described as, you’ve guessed it, homophobic, sexist and racist by well-respected members of the audience?

I watch loads of Scottish and English football on Sky Sports. Eilidh Barbour currently is a presenter for live coverage of Scottish Premiership matches. She is such an amiable, cheery and very professional presenter. Eilidh also clearly enjoys participating in humorous (appropriate) banter with the pundits commenting on the games such as Kris Boyd, Stiliyan Petrov and James McFadden, giving the coverage a very human touch. I feel she is just one of these people in life that raises the spirits.

That therefore makes it even more depressing that someone like Eilidh, who attended the dinner, stated afterwards: “Never felt so unwelcome in the industry I work in than sitting at the Scottish Football Writers’ Awards. A huge reminder there is still so much to do in making our game an equal place.”

Eilidh was one of several people that walked out the room in protest before the end of Bill’s speech. It was disconcerting, however, that it was reported that loads of those in attendance were laughing at these jokes.

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Also, from the LGBT charity Stonewall, Liz Ward, who is black, stated: “It is a real shame that these views are still prevalent in our society, especially in a place that should be about the amazing work being done across Scottish football. Unfortunately I think comments around homophobia can often go hand in hand with racist and sexist comment. Our lives are not a joke. Banter is not banter, it provides the basis of hate and fear that leads to far more serious things. It’s a real shame that this has happened.”

I totally agree with Liz but I would be much stronger. It’s a bloody disgrace and it happened here in Scotland! The reality is, however, that I can imagine quite a few guys, and to be honest some women, particularly around my age bracket (61), saying: “Get a life, Ivor! Lighten up! Stop being so woke and politically correct!”

I have a massive hunch that if I shared my views down the pub I would fully expect to be drowned out by not all, but many. That is so sad.

Finally, too many strong women in society, the most high profile in Scotland being the First Minister, continue to receive disgusting misogynistic abuse online from anonymous pathetic, insecure, inadequate keyboard-warrior-type guys. They might not be inadequate in what needs to be done to make babies and consider themselves Alpha “proper” men. Naw, “proper” men treat strong women – and everyone else, for that matter – with respect and don’t feel the need to take every opportunity to denigrate them to re-enforce their deluded view that they are somehow superior.

On that note, I’m away to hide behind the sofa now, as all these “Alpha” males are wanting to gie me a guid battering!

Ivor Telfer

Dalgety Bay, Fife

I write this after reading an article about the Queen’s Union book (What Jubilee book being sent to schools says about the Union, May 14)!

Some of the nonsense and factual ignorance reported is staggering.

The four nations? Well, there are only two nations – Scotland and England. Wales is a principality (and does not even feature on the Union Jack flag) and Northern Ireland is a province.

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The book doesn’t narrate how the UK was formed. England invaded Wales and Ireland, and fought a long series of wars to conquer Scotland, which it failed to do. In, 1603 James VI inherited England following the death of Elizabeth I of England. In 1707 was the Union, with parliament bought from the Scottish gentry to create a political union. Ireland broke away from the political union in 1916, leaving what is now the province of Northern Ireland!

Finally, this current monarch is called Queen Elizabeth of Britain and Northern Ireland, which raises the question of who was the first Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain? There is none, as Elizabeth I was Queen of England, therefore currently Betty is the first Queen Elizabeth of the UK!

Apart from that I am sure that it’s a well-spent £12 MILLION!

Rab Doig