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LETTERS There’s an opportunity here to make a real win for the Yes case

THE now apparently routine labelling of anything governments can’t work out a solution for as “emergencies” is beginning to smack of the same sort of distraction as the use of the words “supercharge” and “superpower” to describe vague statements designed to camouflage the fact that a policy is simply fluff.

LETTERS More than the faces need to change at top of the Scottish Government

THE religious beliefs of the new First Minister and Deputy First Minister seem to have become something of an issue. I hesitate to continue the theme but I was reminded of a passage from Matthew Chapter 7 which is just about the only passage from the Bible that has stuck in my mind since my enforced attendance at Sunday school more than 50 years ago.

Letters Denying Scots the right to choose our future is the extremist position

I WANT an apology and I think I am entitled to it. My belief in self-determination for Scotland reduced to “extremism” because Sunak declares it so. My belief in self-determination for Scotland, democratically given voice in the current UK parliamentary system, labelled “extremist” because Sunak finds it at odds with his. My belief in self-determination for Scotland likened to positions held by authoritarian states because Sunak ... I guess it takes one to know one.

Letters Therapy ban must not limit support for patients with gender distress

I WONDER to what extent the people of Scotland are au fait with what exactly is the nature of the much maligned and misrepresented “conversion therapy” offered to people experiencing great suffering as a result of gender dysphoria. It is offered to the innocents who daily grapple with the depression, anxiety and sense of alienation that this phenomena brings, now being experienced in unprecedented numbers.