FOLLOWING the disgraceful scenes of violence on the streets of London and at Wembley before and during the Euro championship final, the farcical and dangerous lack of proper security and crowd control that allowed a number of ticketless fans to enter the stadium, and the racist abuse of England players by their own fans, there is now virtually zero chance that FIFA will allow England to host the 2030 World Cup.

Until there is a complete change in the behaviour of large numbers of the English fans, there should be no possibility of football “coming home”.

I know that a joint bid between the nations of the UK and Ireland was Boris and Douglas Ross’s latest wheeze to save their Precious Union, but that bid is now dead before it even got off the ground. Scotland should not waste any time or money being part of the joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup and we should withdraw immediately.

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Instead we should be considering a joint bid with Wales and/or Ireland to host a future Euro championship. There will be lessons to learn from the previous failed bid with Ireland for Euro 2008, in particular not having three stadiums in the same city as part of the bid.

Hosting a major sporting event like the football Euro championships would be a huge boost for a newly independent Scotland, and Wales might be well on the way to independence by that time too. I’m sure we’d be able to put on a very successful tournament and create a joyful and welcoming experience for the Scotland fans and visiting fans from other countries.

Paul Donaldson

ENGLAND should not be allowed to host a tournament again. There fans are an absolute disgrace and the rest of the world shouldn’t have to put up with it.

Ewan Ritchie