IF I hear another SNP MSP telling us that we need to get out and promote a positive vision of Scotland as an independent state, I’ll retire to a cave somewhere in Himalayan foothills.

First we had Tommy Sheppard on Sunday and then Alyn Smith on Wednesday stating the obvious. While I have conversations with relatives and neighbours about the case for independence and try to do my bit, it really is for the upper echelons of the SNP to produce a hard-hitting, in-your-face promotion of the benefits of independence.

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Get on the airwaves, for goodness sake, and relentlessly inform the voters every day, if necessary, until July 4. Like many of my fellow believers, I wait and wait and wait. Ten years on since the referendum and the party have had plenty of time to hone their response to “difficult” questions put to them by the Unionist media. Come on, what have we got to lose? No wonder people are beginning to ask the party if they are truly interested in independence.

Keith Taylor
via email