I MUST say what an excellent article presented by your correspondent, Mark Brown, covering the unsurprising rush of Israel’s allies (US, UK, France and Jordan) to defend their Middle Eastern aggressor, Israel, following the successful attempt of Netanyahu’s horrible fascist government to elicit a response from Iran by astoundingly “crossing a red line” to attack/bomb an Iranian consulate building in Damascus (The National, April 17).

There will be millions and millions of global observers/critics concurring with Mr Brown’s conclusion that we have witnessed more clear evidence of the warped priorities of US president Joe Biden, UK prime minister Rishi Sunak and French president Emmanuel Macron to loyally support their apartheid ally, created all these years ago as a colonial outpost in the Middle East and rated far higher than the lives of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and beyond.

The rush to defend such a violator of human rights, killing thousands of innocent people with impunity and with clear historical dehumanising of the Palestinian people, is absolutely unacceptable. It’s moral hypocrisy shown in clear view with no shame expressed by any of the complicit Western leaders. These charlatans are still sending out a message to “carry on with the killing in Gaza” and conveniently “turning a blind eye” to the killing sprees and lawless Israeli settler activity in the West Bank.

I listened to the so-called “godmother of Israeli settlements”, Daniella Weiss, during a recent CNN interview and her extreme comments were chillingly concerning. Beware such a straight-faced fanatical right-wing woman espousing hatred and the extreme right to set up an Israeli super-state to the detriment of outsiders who actually represent the indigenous population of a country. Palestine has been forcibly cleansed/usurped, from 1948 onwards, with the aid of complicit Western allies, and its invader continues to violate international laws and UN Charters.

Also, the shameless “holier-than-thou” speech by Israeli envoy to the UN Gilad Erdan to the UN Security Council following Iran’s first-ever direct attack on his country was impudently devoid of any accountability of wrongdoing by his Zionist employers. This man presented a startling image of sheer arrogance and lack of any contrition/accountability whatsoever – he resembled a pan-faced political “robot” espousing a propagandist’s singular biased view of events leading up to that Iranian missile/drone attack on Israel.

The chilling fact is that Western leaders are not acting in the way they should – calling for a ceasefire as soon as possible!

Though a new world with true justice and humanitarian rights – as welcome as it may be – will never happen, my opinion remains all the same. I strongly believe there should be UN peacekeeping troops assigned to Gaza and the occupied territories. The one-sided extensive killing has to stop and that peacekeeping action should be imposed in these regions in the name of proper law and order before moving to a long period of negotiation on some form of two-state solution. Of course, it’s a solution that Israel and its ultra-right-wing government (plus other associated extremists) will vehemently oppose as it will threaten their long-term quest to set up an Israeli super state – one that will alarmingly have nuclear bombing capability as well, by the way.
Bernie Japs

I JUST read the article “Bloody Sunday families’ anger” by Hamish Morrison in The National (April 20) The history of the Troubles in Ireland down the centuries will never be fully resolved and for all eternity, those on both sides of the divide will never be content.

However, the latest “complaint” is victims’ families of the “Bloody Sunday” incident want soldiers brought to trial to answer for the atrocities committed, but that’s the same desire of every other family in Ireland who want the Republican soldiers brought to trial for the atrocities they committed.

So, here’s my suggestion.

Why not do an exchange between the sides? With NO exceptions, from politicians to the ordinary person in the street. All those (still alive) on the UK Government side would be exchanged for all those on the Republican side (still alive), and have a “one-off trial” at The Hague, International Court of Justice, and let “neutrals” decide the outcome.

It won’t happen and it never will because both sides are so wrapped up in their own biases and bigotry they will never accept a “final decision”.

EVERYBODY was – and have committed – wrong on all sides of that divide and all for different reasons.

The world has moved on, but the Troubles of Ireland won’t.

The hatred is centuries old and cannot be undone.

Until someone “draws a line” under the whole issue, agreeable to all parties, nothing will be resolved – not now, not EVER!
Jim Todd