THE past week has been monumental for one group in society who are awaiting justice – the WASPI women born in the 1950s who got inadequate notice of the increase in their state pension age, and this week the parliamentary ombudsman has issued its findings that DWP maladministration affected some 3.9 million in the UK.

So, where do we go from here? Well, the ombudsman is taking her findings straight to parliament and MPs, so what can we WASPI women expect from politicians? In parliament on numerous occasions WASPI women have received cross-party support for their plight and now the ombudsman has found in their favour, adding weight to the plight.

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Yet astonishingly, as I write this letter I am learning that Scottish Labour on instruction from UK Labour are withdrawing their support for the WASPI women by making no commitment to the findings of the ombudsman report and any future compensation for those women affected.

Astonishing indeed, and more evidence of the ineffectiveness of Scottish Labour.

Catriona C Clark