THOUGHTFUL though it may have been for Humza Yousaf to say that he is deeply sorry that the people of Gaza have been let down, he really cannot apologise for what has been done by others. He cannot apologise on behalf of “those in power” or “multinational institutions that were meant to protect” Gaza.

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Many Scots have done what we can, either through our elected representatives (noting especially the SNP ceasefire motion calling out Israel’s action as collective punishment that was blocked at Westminster) or by protesting on the streets or in other ways in the face of opposition from the British state, while others have been bravely active in trying to bring aid to Gaza.

The First Minister is not in a position to exert any substantial influence on the Middle East. If he is truly sorry he must get Scotland out of the corrupted toxic Union that calls Israel’s attempted genocide “self-defence”. Only then can Scots make a more meaningful stand against the criminal actions of the state of Israel.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews