A DEMOCRACY is supposed to represent the wishes of the people and be elected on a regular basis. The House of Lords is neither elected nor is it representative of the wishes of the people of Scotland as approximately 51% of us want independence, and not one single member of the House of Lords is in favour of Scottish independence.

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The government in its wisdom granted us the right to recall an MP under certain circumstances. We, the people, should therefore have the same right to “recall” a member of the House of Lords if they are not up to the required standard of representing us. Furthermore, if said House is not representative of the electorate, then what right does it have to act as lawmakers for us?

That being the case, should we the electorate have a petition to recall George Foulkes, Annabel Goldie, and Jim Wallace for not representing the will of the people of Scotland? And can we also outlaw the Unionist group set up by this trio? It is clearly not in accordance with the democratic rights of the electorate to choose the direction they want to move in.

Alexander Potts