ABBI Crosbie-Garton’s article makes it clear that after Sir Lindsay Hoyle eventually returned to the House of Commons on Wednesday night, he had absolutely no doubts about the validity of holding an emergency debate on Gaza when he made the offer to Stephen Flynn during his apology to the House (Speakers refuses SNP emergency ceasefire debate, Feb 27).

Since then it has emerged that Sir Keir Starmer’s claimed 40-second appeal to Sir Lindsay Hoyle, asking him to break with parliamentary convention to allow the widest possible debate on the Gaza situation, took place in private after parliamentary staff had been asked to leave the office. Any pretence that this meeting was a spontaneous brief encounter was dispelled when Sir Christopher Bryant revealed that he had deliberately delayed proceedings in the House while a decision was being been made.

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We shall never know how many more discussions took place between the three Knights of the Realm and others before Sir Lindsay Hoyle apparently reversed his position on an emergency debate, and broke with convention again on Monday while responding to Stephen Flynn’s point of order by revealing the reasons why he had rejected the SNP’s request for an emergency debate on the deteriorating situation in Gaza.

The world has watched as the SNP’s attempts to persuade the UK Government to take actions that could stem the loss of human life and suffering in Gaza have been repeatedly thwarted by the major parties in Westminster.

The forthcoming General Election is an opportunity for the people of Scotland to give notice that they are no longer willing to remain in a Union that’s policies are dominated by one member’s pursuit of global influence by military means, irrespective of the costs and harms inflicted on people at home and abroad.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

DESPITE the stained-glass Saltire in the front window and the YES badge stuck adjacent to the doorbell, my first General Election glossy leaflet has arrived on the door mat. It was of course from the Labour Party. It appears their candidate can and will tackle the cost of living, build a better future, cut NHS waiting lists, improve public transport, base new green jobs in Scotland – and all this while focusing on my quality of life. I am invited to pledge my vote, help the campaign and even join the Labour Party.

Apparently extra charges for garden waste collection is the burning (no pun intended) local issue costing every household more money. As I, and many other households, don’t generate garden waste this is not top of my priority list. Pledges to “bring bus services into local control and cap fares” are pie in Labour’s sky.

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However, the appearance of this leaflet does illustrate the point that while my SNP MP is doing battle on my behalf in the House of Commons trying in vain to defend the folk of Gaza from bombs and bullets, by arguing over points of order and House of Commons traditions, Labour are working to worm their way back into the hearts and minds of voters back home in Scotland.

Assuming the General Election is to be held some time in November, the election countdown is well and truly under way. Given recent council by-election results, it is becoming very clear that the SNP’s bizarre concentration on making Scotland “Tory free” will be almost impossible to achieve. If we are not very careful, by mid-November there may be many parts of Scotland that are SNP-free. This is not the kind of Christmas present I was looking forward to.

Brian Lawson

I AGREE wholeheartedly with the letter from Drew Reid (Feb 27) highlighting the lack of any movement towards independence from the SNP and the reliance on the so-called goodwill of Westminster to “grant” us another referendum. The SNP should be disrupting the UK Parliament as much as possible – making it impossible for the Commons and its disgraced Speaker from carrying on as if nothing has happened.

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The chaos of last week with the Speaker taking instruction from Keir Starmer was followed up by the Speaker breaking his promise of a new debate on Gaza. The current Speaker is untrustworthy and should not be in post. The SNP group should be disrupting every debate the Speaker chairs – they can use the antiquated rules of Westminster to clog down all its workings – similar to how Alex Salmond disrupted Budget days in the past.

However, that would need MPs to actually stand up for their constituents rather than their bank balances, and I’m afraid there’s too many SNP MPs who have got comfortable by playing by Westminster rules.

Alex Beckett

THE First Minister recently joined Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart on their podcast The Rest is Politics.

It was suggested that the case for independence had not yet come across to the public, particularly on the economy, currency and investment (I paraphrase).

In response, the First Minister responded that there were published papers on independence including those on the topics above.

I agree with Alastair Campbell. There is little on television, YouTube or other such media setting out a convincing vision and case for independence on a regular basis.

It seems timeous to invest as part of the communications strategy to present the vision for the economy, currency, and the potential benefits of independence.

M Macleod