FOLLOWING another Westminster shambles, where again the third party in the UK Parliament, the SNP, was treated with utter disdain, the stark warning from Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp (brilliant leader of Believe in Scotland) to “reinvent the independence campaign – or the dream dies” may indeed be a timely reminder of where Scotland stands at this point in time.

The sterile negativity of the political scene has driven many people away but growing social and cultural differences, especially since Brexit, have encouraged people to increasingly believe in a richly endowed independent Scotland.

However, since independence remains the raison d’etre of the SNP, I believe a reinvention of “unity of purpose” is also required.

In this vital General Election year, with firm leadership, bringing together Yes campaigning groups, the SNP and indeed Alba and others, a strong and concerted vote for independence will carry the day.

Grant Frazer