AS a constituent of the former Health Secretary Michael Matheson MSP, I feel the voice of constituents should be heard.

Mr Matheson has been in parliament since its beginning in 1999, serving his constituents with the utmost diligence and attentiveness and up until his resignation as Health Secretary was the longest serving in Cabinet (13 years), speaking volumes.

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Amidst all the criticism of Mr Matheson, we should perhaps reflect on the last Holyrood election. He secured more than 54% of the constituency vote, more than all other candidates in the constituency put together, again speaking volumes. During all those years of service to his constituents and the business sector in his constituency, there has only been praise and respect for Mr Matheson as his continued success at the polling station clearly demonstrates.

The Scottish Cabinet has lost a stalwart of government, one who puts the country and his constituents first and I know his service to constituents in Falkirk West will continue.

Catriona C Clark