ALMOST a decade ago, in February 2014, while making a speech on “the importance of Scotland to the UK”, then prime minister David Cameron said: “Our values are not just a source of pride for us; they are a source of hope for the world ... our values are of value to the world. In the darkest times in human history there has been, in the North Sea, a light that never goes out.”

The now Foreign Secretary is serving in a UK Government that has abandoned these principles in the darkest of times for the people of Gaza.

That light in the North Sea is still there only because of the determination of the people of Scotland, expressed on our behalf by people such as Humza Yousaf at Holyrood and Stephen Flynn at Westminster.

Scotland accepted Cameron’s advice in 2014 and remains tied to the United Kingdom; Scotland could be doing so much more to help others today if it had ignored his false promises and had now been negotiating as an equal with other countries in the United Nations, Europe and Nato.

John Jamieson

South Queensferry