I NOTE Tommy Shepherd’s comments in the Sunday National. He argues that if the SNP win the election in Scotland the SNP will demand that the decision be made in Scotland regarding our constitutional future.

Tommy poses the question for Scottish voters, asking if they will be ignored if the SNP lose the election. He then says the answer is yes. The best predictor of future performance is past behaviour, so even if the SNP win the election, the answer will still be yes.

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Where do we go from there? We can demand all the changes we want to the UK constitution, but the UK Government, whether Labour or Tory, will simply carry on regardless.

We need a clear vision of what a future independent Scotland would look like, we need to answer the still unanswered questions from 2014, and we need to have a plan to get us where we want to go.

It feels like this is nowhere in sight and I fear many SNP MPs are about to pay a heavy price at the ballot box.

I hope I am wrong.

Professor Alan Boyter
Strachur, Argyll