ANYONE in Scotland who fails to understand the legal significance of the fact that sovereignty in Scotland rests with the people just needs to look at the conduct of the UK Government in recent days, and reflect on how they have been prepared to use, or perhaps abuse, the English concept of sovereignty.

The current UK Government has nothing but contempt for international or even English law. They are prepared to ignore any law they do not like, and use English sovereignty to assist them to do that.

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Within hours of the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) making a unanimous decision that Rwanda was not a “safe place” to send refugees to, the UK Prime Minister was on the TV telling us that his government would be passing a law to force the UK Supreme Court to accept Rwanda as a safe place and would be continuing with its policy irrespective of European or international law on this matter.

While at the UN, under instruction from their US masters, they voted against a ceasefire in Gaza and in effect to allow genocide and war crimes to be committed against innocent people, thereby making the people in the UK guilty of supporting genocide.

If the Scottish Government had ignored the UKSC decision last November and announced that it was going ahead with a referendum, they and their Unionist bedfellows in Scotland would have been screaming about Scotland’s failure to comply with the law.

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So how can the UK Government just ignore the highest court in England? Well because they can use the old feudal concept of English sovereignty to challenge the UKSC. The UKSC presented considerable evidence to demonstrate that Rwanda was not a safe country, but the UK Government, without challenging that evidence, can pass an Act which says that Rwanda is a safe country and using English sovereignty can force the UKSC to accept this? Well is that not a powerful tool?

We in Scotland have a powerful legacy in that our sovereignty rests not with this UK Government but with the Scottish people. We can exercise this sovereignty through a Convention of Estates which we in Scotland can convene and which can exercise sovereign power in Scotland. It is about time that our political leaders recognised this and started to address it instead of allowing our country to be hijacked by this gang of thugs.

Andy Anderson

TWO events in the last week have impacted the UK and will impact us all in the future.

The first step is the decision by the supreme court (note no capitalisation) to “knock back” the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

The second step is the bill changing the Rwanda policy of relocation of legal and illegal immigrants.

The first decision means that the UK Government can block any Scottish Parliament bills if they interfere with the workings of the UK, however miniscule or little impact the possible change.

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The second decision means that UK Government can write any new legislation and override the intentions of the Edinburgh Agreement on devolution due to Supreme Court decisions.

It seems a precedent is being set, or has already been and we haven’t noticed.

It appears that Conservatives have exposed their plot.

What is even more worrying is that the Labour Party are keeping their candles out of the wind for the UK and Scotland by saying nothing. Sarwar has at least got to his feet regarding Gaza, but not Scotland. No change from the people’s party.

Are we truly comfortable with this situation?

I truly am not.

Alistair Ballantyne