BORIS Johnson had his chance before his god, the legal teams, and those groups represented to set the record straight. Instead, he went on an extended trip through the foggy landscape of his mind, the empty vessel that is his brain.

After reading his testimony, there can be little doubt remaining that all he cares about now is self-preservation. It is almost as if he has a restraining order in place preventing the truth from approaching him. It is quite shocking to see that his recent public outing as a liar has taught him no humility. But that would be common among the inbred class from which he comes.

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He will never be without a job, he will never be forced to choose between heat or eat. So why should someone who possesses such little understanding of empathy have a care?

Johnson has always been about “me, myself, and I”. He is so typical of all that is rancid with the Union, and all that is corrupt with government.

Quite simply, we need out of this union.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0