I AGREE with Jim Cassidy (Letters, Nov 23) that whitabootery shouldn’t be used to defend Michael Matheson. Still, whitabootery has a legitimate part to play in political debate. “What about Gaza?” was the correct response to Joe Biden when he recently condemned civilian bombing in Ukraine. When it comes to hypocritical double standards, the whitabooterist is right to call them out.

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The same applies to media inconsistency. “SNP bad” is a media myth deriving from a relentless focus on the Scottish Government’s so-called failings, whilst giving those of Westminster an easy ride; or in the case of the Mail, Times and Telegraph giving them a ridiculously positive spin. The whitabooterist is entitled to point to the discrepancy. “Bad compared to what?” he/she might add, pointing out that countries throughout Europe are awash with the populist tide, while Scotland remains a welcoming social democracy.

If whitabootery can be misapplied, it can also help the case for independence.

Alastair McLeish