THE Covid-19 inquiry has exposed yet again the psychopathic nature of Tory rule.

Boris Johnson was so dense he could not understand the science behind lockdown and therefore didn’t care if people died. He wanted the elderly to “accept their fate” and apparently uttered the phrase “let the bodies pile high”.

Current Prime Minister billionaire Sunak allegedly said “let people die”. The debauched Tory mob then partied and got excessively inebriated whilst the public couldn’t visit their dying relatives.

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In any sane system Johnson, Sunak, Hancock and the other Tories would be on trial for mass-death. Instead, actions taken to defend the fortunes of the wealthy have no consequences. Johnson will make millions and go back to being part of the media that was supposed to hold him accountable.

The excessively credulous Tory-voting Unionists are still; unable to grasp that “their” government was prepared to sacrifice them all to save money and protect the profits of firms connected to people like Michelle Mone.

Since 2019 the Tories have wasted £100 billion of taxpayers’ cash. This has gone on vanity projects “contracts” to cronies and outright fraud. Yet unquestioning Unionists will ignore all this.

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Unionists will publish and recite panegyrics to the Tories. They will focus on minor mistakes by independence supporters. These will then be blown out of all proportions. All while Tory malfeasance is completely ignored.

Unionist idiocy takes many forms. However its most annoying expression is when it manifests itself in the form of racism, sheer nastiness and bigotry. Unionist philosophy is brutal, illogical, encourages racism, celebrates ignorance, and is contemptuous of evidence-based science.

This credo needs to be exposed and abandoned. It is an absolute poison on Scotland.

Alan Hinnrichs

AS a general rule people distrust politicians. We expect them to lie, or at least to mislead, and by and large accept that they will play fast and loose with words. Like adverts on billboards which have massive eye-catching offers and easy-to-digest slogans, our politicians’ proclamations come with “terms and conditions” attached, which work mainly in their favour. Sometimes though, those T&C’s have their limits, and in the I-Pad scandal, Michael Matheson has breached his allowance.

SNP politicians must know that they will be scrutinised microscopically, and should be on top of their game at all times. Everything that they claim for should be accounted for, and everything that they have claimed should be legitimate. No duck houses. No heated toilet seats, and certainly no £11,000 data bills. Yet Michael Matheson saw fit to submit that very thing, no doubt in the fevered hope that no-one would notice. Of course they were going to notice!

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Having then been found out he has flipped and flopped from one excuse to another, culminating in his lying to our parliament in Edinburgh and to the Scottish people. Once upon a time he would have done the decent thing and gone, but the SNP in their hubris simply do not permit such a thing, and instead we are stuck with a Health Secretary who is now tainted beyond repair.

Having been caught lying about the cause of the bill he is in the situation where no-one believes him anymore, and after every utterance we are left asking if this is another lie. Put simply, he cannot be trusted. If there is to be any integrity within the SNP then he must be sacked.

Sadly, we are in a position where much of the independence movement, rather than getting angry and demanding better from our representatives, simply indulge in whitabootery. Pointing out the deficiencies of your opponents as a response to valid criticism is hypocritical in the extreme, and from a movement which once promised to build a better Scotland based on our hopes, not our fears, it is simply not good enough. It’s selling out. It’s an acceptance that we will sell out for the same kind of incompetent, troughing, self-serving politics, so long as it has our brand stamped on it.

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Well I’m sorry, but enough is enough. Scotland deserves better, and if we are to lead by example, and make independence the settled will of the Scottish people, then we need to clear out the stables. Our failure to do so will cost us dearly, and every day that this scandal continues is another straw which will break the Scottish electorate’s back. For once, the SNP need to put their personal aspirations to the side and put Scotland first. Like Matheson’s iPad, they require someone to change the SIM and carry out a reboot. Can someone please find the right button to press?

Jim Cassidy

THE First Minister says Mr Matheson is a man of integrity. Absolute tosh in my opinion. He has ducked and dived over this issue. He was seriously negligent in allowing his children access to his iPad. He claimed £11k was for “constituency business”.

I believe he has now repaid it. Could the Health Secretary perhaps let his children realise what is happening in my world? I needed a hip operation. The NHS waiting time is more than three years. At my age, and suffering pain and limited mobility, I was however in the fortunate position that I could get it done privately. The £11k the Health Secretary’s children ran up could go a long way to pay for someone needing a hip operation to get one.

I am sorry Mr Matheson, there are too many mistakes. Your government-supplied equipment should be security secure and not be left around for your children to play with. How many other times have they used this government-supplied “toy”? Are there more bills that have gone through on your expenses that are you and your children’s responsibility and not the taxpayer’s? Who knows?

I Archibald