THE news that Blair or “Sir Tony” is acting to facilitate some sort of relationship for Starmer with Netanyhu beggars belief. This multi-millionaire charlatan was obviously a complete failure as Middle East “peace” envoy and clearly can’t be trusted, other than by autocrats keen on continuing to suppress their own populations who are enraged at the carnage being visited on the Palestinian people.

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The credit for peace in Northern Ireland should go to John Major, Mo Mowlam (now airbrushed from history) and of course Bill Clinton. It might cramp Blair’s grotesque lifestyle, but maybe Starmer should elevate him to the Lords and he and Lord Cameron can face off there. He’d be back in the limelight which he clearly craves – the only uncertainty would be an appropriate title – Lord Blair of Piety and Endless Bloodbath? I am sure your readers could come up with something appropriate.

For myself, I only know that the God he follows cannot possibly be the one whose only begotten son said of children “to them belongs the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Marjorie Ellis Thompson