THERE was an article recently regarding the suitability of people entering politics. Are we seeing the right people entering into politics? After Tuesday night’s Channel 4 interview by Cathy Newman of Damian Hinds, the Tory prisons minister, the jury has returned its verdict. They wouldn’t let this Trinity College Oxford Graduate run a bath.

Not since David Mundell have I heard someone avoid answering the questions and spouting as much drivel regarding “his subject”, in this case prisons and sentencing.

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Surely after Chuck’s speech he must of had a wee inkling regarding what the interview was going to be about I take my hat off to Cathy Newman, she was brilliant, she knew when the “hook” was set and this catch wasn’t getting off.

The nine-minute interview was so good and so humiliating I watch it twice. The worst (or best) car-crash interview since the days of Mundell and Carlaw.

Just shows that being educated at Trinity College, Oxford isn’t everything.

Ken McCartney