I AM in disbelief at a recent article by Gordon Brown. He is quoted as saying in The Guardian: “The sight of defenceless children in distress should evoke global outrage and galvanise us to act. And that is why Hamas terrorists who in their rampage maimed killed and kidnapped innocent children should now be subject to arrest and prosecution by the international criminal court for war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

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That seems a reasonable view to take. However, has Saint Gordon forgotten that he wrote the cheques as Chancellor so that Prime Minister Blair could go ahead and have Iraq bombed, killing some of Iraq’s defenceless children and making orphans of others? For what purpose? To get rid of Saddam Hussein, or to help Saint Gordon take another step along the road to becoming Prime Minister?

He was also aware at the time that the British public were totally against the invasion of Iraq. Sorry Saint Gordon, but you don’t fool me. Maybe you should hand yourself in to the international courts.

I Archibald