DISAPPOINTED after an incredibly positive campaign! The words of Scottish Conservative MP Andrew Bowie the day after the Conservatives lost two by-elections in England to the Labour Party. Those sentiments are breathtaking and so arrogant, yet not surprising from Mr Bowie MP, who going by those results will be looking for new employment after the next Westminster election.

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Here in Scotland the recent by-election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West saw the Conservatives lose their deposit – in other words, they did not secure 5% of the vote. The message from voters in recent by-elections sends a message to the Westminster government: no more lies and sleaze, no more austerity cuts while the rich are getting richer, and no more jobs for the boys at the country’s expense.

Unfortunately for voters, the Labour Party are not a credible alternative, only promising and committing to more of the same.

Catriona C Clark