AFTER half a century as members of the EU, Scots know what membership means and almost two out three people voted Remain. A post-independence referendum would be required to decide on EU membership, so why start a diversion by discussing pros and cons of joining any union now?

The European Free Trade Association might be more concerned with free trade, but membership still means accepting most EU agreements, rules and regulations without taking part in negotiations.

The SNP want to see Scotland regain its independence so that it can take an active part in international affairs, including joining one of the biggest trading blocks in the world.

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The most serious long-term effects of Brexit on our lives are not trade but the erosion of our freedom to travel and work, human rights, working conditions, access to courts and more, all gained because of EU membership and already being whittled away by Westminster.

Let’s go on devoting all our effort to gaining independence on the assumption that joining the EU is a legitimate ambition because a higher percentage of Scots voters wanted to remain in the EU than in the UK, and even more now think that the effects of leaving the EU have been totally negative.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry