IN his comment piece in the Sunday National, Tommy Sheppard – my MP – seemed puzzled as to why there is a 10% gap between support for independence and support for the SNP, his solution being more marches and knocking on the doorstep.

What he fails to understand is the gap is caused by the failure of the SNP to advance the cause of independence either at Westminster or at Holyrood and instead give their attention to lots of policies which have failed in Scotland and give the impression of settling in at Westminster rather than settling up on behalf of Scotland.

I nominated Tommy as a candidate when I was in the SNP and I’ve voted for him in the past but I won’t be voting for him next time unless he and the SNP agree to stand under a United Scotland slate that will get the backing of all independence supporters in Scotland.

The SNP have a chance to change that attitude at their conference in October. If you don’t accept that, Tommy, then I won’t be voting for you and I’m afraid you are likely to join the many SNP MPs who will be defeated at the next election.

Hugh Kerr