FOLK sometimes ask “What good does demonstrating do?”. I was involved in the campaign against the poll tax from beginning to end. I took part in anti-poll-tax demos in Montrose, Aberdeen, Dundee, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, Glasgow – and that big one in London.

Of course, mass non-payment and active resistance won. But without demos, there wouldn’t have been mass non-payment and active resistance. People needed to see they weren’t isolated. If nobody had demonstrated, the poll tax wouldn’t have been defeated.

That’s an example where protesting played a clear part in success. But even if you can’t point to complete success, there’s still plenty of reasons for demonstrating.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament hasn’t yet won global nuclear disarmament. But it may be one reason we’re not just a few miserable survivors in a post-war world of global nuclear devastation.

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On Saturday, we saw a great demo for independence. Well done all who took part. It’s important we show that the demand for independence certainly hasn’t gone away.

Looking at other demos coming up, there’s an All Under One Banner march in Edinburgh on October 7 and on October 14, there’s the Chain of Freedom, aiming to display support for Independence by a human chain of folk linking hands from sea to sea. These deserve support.

Unfortunately, at the age of 82, not only do I have some disabilities which make marching impossible, I am also taking care of my wife, who, at present, is even less able than me.

However, I do intend to protest, at the UK “Hub” in Edinburgh, on October 19. Why is October 19 important? That was the date we were supposed to have a new, non-party-political, referendum on Independence. That’s the date of the vote which was banned by a newly-invented sub-committee of the ruling class. If nobody protested, it would look like we had all meekly accepted this. No we bluidy well havenae!

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Some folk have questioned how serious Scottish politicians were about holding a referendum on that date. But that doesn’t. If you focus on what you consider the failings of Scottish politicians, you’re letting this corrupt UK regime get away with their crimes against democracy. I for one have no intention of doing that.

The Radical Independence Campaign has called a protest for 19th October. This protest isn’t begging Westminster for a vote, it’s condemning it for its suppression of democracy.

The Radical Independence Campaign doesn’t have “Leaders”, but a national forum of RIC, held in Glasgow, delegated Sam Perlo and Connor Beaton to form a working group for organising this. They are calling on other groups and individuals to get involved in this non-party-political protest.

If I can be there – how about you?

Dave Coull