I READ the piece in the Sunday National headed, “SNP MP warns of ‘explosion’ of transphobia in Scotland” (Aug 13).

I 100% agreed with everything John Nicolson said about the issue.

He hit the nail on the head that the Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill has been “mischaracterised to a grotesque degree and we have imported a very insidious culture war from the United States into Scotland. If I was a young trans kid, I would be finding this a grim time to be alive”.

Alex Salmond previously described the gender legislation as “self-indulgent nonsense”, arguing that Nicola Sturgeon was “throwing away” years’ worth of steadily building support for independence.

Can you just imagine how the trans community in Scotland felt about the Scottish Government’s attempts to make their lives that bit easier through legislation being described in such a contemptuous, offhand manner?

Also, for them to be made to feel responsible that an empathetic government’s support for them was damaging the independence cause.

Alba has a section about the GRR Bill in the policy section of their website. Obviously you click on “Equalities” first but then it gets really confusing. You have to click on the link “Women’s Statement” which puts you through to “The Rights of Women” to access it. Amazingly, within the “Equalities” category there is no section headed “LGBT rights” or words to that effect. Unsurprisingly in the “Rights of Women” section there is sub- section headed “Women’s Prisons”.

It’s crystal clear what the agenda is!

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Anyway, an extract under the “GRR Bill” sub-section states: “The Alba Party endorses a Citizens’ Assembly on how best to reform the gender recognition process in a respectful, sensitive and positive fashion. This move will take much of the heat out of the debate that has often left so many in society feeling as though their voices have not been heard.”

I can only imagine how the words “respectful, sensitive and positive” go down with John Nicolson and the Scottish trans community!

For me it’s just a lot of bullshit given Salmond’s inflammatory comments on the matter and the skewed manner in which Alba have designed the “Equalities” section of their website.

I just feel this all encapsulates, among other issues, the deep divide between the type of Scotland those that yearn for independence want. Both sides, as is now common worldwide in politics these days, are miles apart.

Depressingly, it’s a case of “never the twain shall meet”! Put it this way, I can see why some folk faw oot wi Alex.

I would faw oot wi him in five minutes flat!

I feel I’m highly unlikely to feel comfortable in an Alex Salmond Scotland. I’m with the self-indulgent crowd, man!

Ivor Telfer
Dalgety Bay, Fife

THE Edinburgh Fringe is dead – the trans cultists have thrown yet more tantrums and threatened and bullied venues into abandoning acts. Now we know why gender reform was discussed in the dark, because any time someone shines a light on the subject, they get cancelled and closed down.

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I can only hope that those who have been cancelled – mainly because of a belief in science – will be able to follow Joanna Cherry’s example and take the legal route. Hopefully all the artists and audience members will be fully refunded by those venues.

I would also hope that City of Edinburgh Council now examines their licensing of venues – clearly some are not up to the task any more and shouldn’t have a public licence.

We are now facing a fascistic cult which will not allow anyone to criticise them – bye bye free speech, bye bye Edinburgh Fringe.

Alex Beckett