JOHN Nicolson warns of an “explosion of transphobia” (Sunday National, Aug 13), and states that “heterosexual men attack women ... the statistics show that trans women do not assault other women”.

There are trans women in prisons throughout the world for assaults on women. Have they all been wrongly convicted?

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Heterosexual men do not all attack women. Some do. Men who identify as women do not all attack women. Some do. It isn’t phobic to believe that allowing men into women’s spaces or women’s sport carries a risk – it’s legitimate.

If the trans lobby was willing to acknowledge that safeguards might be necessary, maybe the issue wouldn’t be so toxic.

Trying to force women to be quiet, move aside and submit to your demands is probably not the best way to re-assure them that you are no threat.

Mairead Mackechnie
Isle of Islay