DAVID Frost (who prefers the archaic title of “Lord”) has been giving us his “pearls of wisdom” on “medieval” net zero climate policies which will bring Britain to its knees.

Doesn’t he understand Britain is already on its knees because it has never departed very far from its feudal past!

When the English Parliament decided in 1689 that they were sovereign, all that changed was that parliament replaced the King as the “top dog”. The economic elite then aligned themselves with this body to protect their position.

Today it is still a cabal consisting of an Anglo-centric Westminster and the economic elite who are aided and abetted by their publicity wing (the press).

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A cabal that put their own short-term financial interests above everything else. Ordinary citizens are made to pay for every setback that occurs, resulting in the ever increasing wealth gap.

A cabal that did everything they could to maintain the financial benefits of empire right through to the second half of the 20th century, at which point the wheels finally came off the gravy train with disastrous effect.

A cabal that then focused on developing a major global financial hub in London and the south-east to re-establish their dominance while ignoring the damage to the rest of the country.

A cabal that, by the beginning of the 21st century, saw the EU as a threat to their unregulated money-making financial machine – hence Brexit. Once again ignoring the damage to the rest of the country.

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A cabal that are terrified of Scotland gaining independence since it will severely impact and possible even derail their whole system in rUK.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that, if Labour takes over Westminster, this cabal will become significantly “more fair”. They have only tinkered with the system in the past, so why expect anything different?

As far as Scotland is concerned, Westminster Labour have the same Anglo-centric paranoia as the Tories.

Who was it that suppressed the McCrone report because of the fear of Scottish independence? Labour.

Who was it that worked with their branch office in Scotland to create devolution in an attempt to neutralise the independence movement? Labour.

Who will offer a Section 30? Not Labour.

The Labour branch office in Scotland is promising better days with a Labour government in Westminster, but who failed to exploit the limited powers of devolution for the benefit of Scotland? The very same Scottish Labour.

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They are purely a branch office supporting their masters.

So “Lord” Frost: don’t say that net zero will return us to a “medieval” state. Your cabal is focused on a full-blown feudal system for these isles. Westminster’s latest moves are on the restrictions of free speech, the right to strike – what next?

Scotland has no power to change the Westminster cabal. Scotland therefore needs to escape from feudal Britain so as to deliver on the wellbeing future that the people of Scotland deserve.

Whether you like it or not, the SNP are our elected Scottish Government and are the major representatives in Westminster. They know that Scotland has one last chance to get us there in a reasonable time frame so let us see what the SNP propose at their special conference. Then we can have constructive discussions for a single forward path to INDEPENDENCE.

Leave the divisive responses to the Unionists – anything else only strengthens their position.

Douglas Skoyles