KEIR Starmer was in Rutherglen for a visit obviously hoping Margaret Ferrier MP would be given a 30-day suspension from Parliament and he would be out looking for 10% of voters to get a recall petition.

I thought Starmer was a barrister and at one time the head of public prosecutions so I would have expected him to be correct in what he was saying about the current situation.

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He stated that the people of Rutherglen had no representation at the moment – this is untrue. Margaret Ferrier is still an MP and still represents her constituents, and from everything I have heard she is an excellent MP and works very hard.

From what has been going on in Westminster and the number of people we know broke the rules, she has been treated very harshly. She did make a mistake – and faced with two weeks isolating in a hotel room she decided to go home.

The BBC admitted that King Charles had “mild symptoms of Covid” the day he took his entourage to Balmoral but if you are a woman, a Scot and an SNP MP, too bad, your Covid journey is unforgivable and you pay the highest price.

Winifred McCartney