IF I tried really hard, and had a couple of large drams, maybe, just maybe, I could see the justification for new SNP leader Humza Yousaf attending the coronation of King Charles III.

It would take a whole lot more for me to understand the need for another three SNP MPs to keep him company.

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I was astonished and saddened to learn that former Westminster leader Ian Blackford, new SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and Brendan O’Hara MP will also be in attendance. As their constituents wonder how to pay the food bills and fuel bills they will be presumably cosy and warm in Westminster Abbey sitting side by side with the very rich and very famous friends of the royal family.

I hope the four MPs are all featured in close-up on television, especially when it comes to the swearing of the ridiculous oath. Will they respond with the required “God save King Charles. Long live King Charles. May the King live forever”?

The year is 2023 but where the royal family are involved it feels more like 1723.

Iain Wilson