IN 1296, Scotland’s ancient Stone of Destiny was stolen by King Edward I of England, carried in triumph down to London and installed, in an obviously inferior position, beneath the English throne in England’s capital.

Did the “Hammer of the Scots” place it beneath his backside out of respect for its importance to the Scots and acknowledgement of its symbolism and alleged mystical power or as a display of his loathing and contempt for Scotland and her people? I suspect it was the latter.

Once again, the stone is being transported down south to be inserted under the backside of yet another English monarch. Only this time it is with the willing acquiescence of the Scottish Government and, by association, the people of Scotland.

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Having recovered the stone in 1996, why should we now return it to the descendent of the thief? Whether it’s the real one or a fake substitute is irrelevant, the message is the same: “Know your place, Scotland”.

Isn’t it time we got off our knees and stopped meekly accepting one insult after another? The stone should stay in Scotland where it belongs and the English establishment told to get stuffed.

D Henderson