TORCUIL Crichton, Scottish Labour’s prospective candidate for the Na h-Eileanan (Western Isles) constituency at the next General Election, is already noising up the SNP.

He said Humza Yousaf made a big mistake in Parliament on Thursday by pointing out that the Na h-Eileanan had an SNP MP and an SNP MSP “in the middle of the biggest ferry crisis and fury over HPMAs”.

One question, Torquil: how many ferries did Labour build in all their years in power in Scotland? Let me tell you the answer: NOT ONE [*See correction below]. Remember that, folks, when Labour whinge about ferries.

The only thing Labour left Scotland with was massive PFI debt which will have to be paid for many more years by every council.

The people of Scotland will not forget the big nothing Labour did for Scotland

and the Better Together campaign that told 92-year-old pensioners that if they voted Yes they would not get their pension.

Labour’s shame lives on.

Winifred McCartney


*Correction: It is not true that Labour built no ferries while in power in Scotland. Read a response by reader Brian Lawson rejecting the claims here