LET’S talk about this latest slogan “wellbeing” which is, well, being bandied about by the SNP at every opportunity to try to pretend all is well within the party, yet they won’t make the huge internal changes needed and everything has a caveat at the end when there’s mention of working with the wider – and much, much larger – Yes movement.

Well, being a huge supporter of Scottish independence, like so many others, I am very frustrated at, well, being promised another referendum; well, being promised our own currency, our own energy companies; and well, being trapped in a so-called voluntary “Union” that we are not allowed to leave.

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Don’t get me wrong, the SNP have been pretty decent in at least, well, being a government with a heart when it comes to children, the elderly and people in poverty, which shows them in much better light than heartless, money-mad political parties like the truly awful and perennially lying, cheating, failing Tories and their new Siamese twins, the Labour Party.

I am so frustrated at having to watch the most disgracefully run SNP leadership race recently and also at, well, being treated like tenth-class citizens by another country’s ruining class, while they plunder our huge resources. So surely, like me, people might start to think all we need is a Scottish Government who just actually deliver on the things the people really want and need, instead of all this posturing and complete nonsense they constantly seem to be getting themselves caught up in. The latest disgraceful plan is to start killing off small fishing villages by stopping them, wait for it ... well, being fishermen anymore!

Come on, ruining our lives is Westminster’s job, and shouldn’t you be concentrating on land reform and repopulating the Highlands where half of Scots used to live, before the abhorrent, genocidal Clearances?

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Well, being of a certain age now, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see my children and grand-children growing up in an independent country and, well, being happy.

I am, well, being absolutely tortured seeing Humza Yousaf tell us he is going to go cap in hand to London so the SNP yet again try ask the turkeys to vote for Christmas. Why on earth does he not say, if

you do not play turkey with us, pardon the pun, we may have to go above your heads and straight to the United Nations?

I am being very serious.

We need to be independent and it can’t come a moment too soon or we may end up, well, being the most downtrodden, hugely resource-rich nation on earth.

Here’s to, well, being FREE!!!!!!!!!

Iain K

THE UK is a feudal state. For evidence, look no further than the protection of the monarch’s private wealth. When Elizabeth died, her son didn’t pay inheritance tax.

His private wealth exceeds his mother’s at £1.815 billion.

The reason he didn’t pay a tax that his subjects must pay was a 1993 agreement made with Major’s government that the Queen would voluntarily pay tax on her large private income as long as bequests between monarchs were exempt from inheritance tax. So, all the Queen’s private wealth was bequeathed to her heir.

Charles’s wealth spans estates including Balmoral, official gifts, horses, art, jewellery, secretive investments and the royal cash cow, the Duchy of Lancaster, which generates £20 million per year.

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Consistent with this wealth hoarding is the oath Charles will take on May 6. He won’t take a UK coronation oath, which you’d expect if this was one united kingdom, nor will he take the Scottish oath referenced in the 1689 Claim of Right and required by Scots law for any legitimate monarch. He’ll take the 1689 English oath.

The Anglo Norman English Crown designates the monarch as “overlord” and head of state, controlling the land, the people and the law. This monarchical sovereignty was transferred in 1689 to the English Parliament, where we get the principle of English parliamentary sovereignty.

The Celtic Scottish Crown is completely different. It is the Community of the Realm, the people. They, not parliament, are sovereign and the head of state, and have the power to remove a monarch and government that doesn’t serve their interests. They did just that in 1688 – treason under English law.

The English Crown illegally annexed Scotland. The Union is a fig leaf hiding the theft of one nation by another. Scots must wake up and reclaim their nation.

Leah Gunn Barrett

ANOTHER reason why Labour will never get my vote (Scottish Labour call for HPMAs to be scrapped despite manifesto pledge, thenational.scot, Apr 19) .These areas of the seas are there to protect and provide nurseries for sea life. It’s about time that nature came first in our “take, take” world. Haven’t we done enough damage through ceaseless exploitation?

The seas need our support because while some complain that their children will not have a business in the future, they will have no future period if our oceans die. Is that what they want?

We must put the natural world first before it’s too late.

Keith Taylor
via email