WHEN Roz Foyer tells Humza Yousaf independence can’t be “top priority” (The National, April 18), isn’t she fundamentally mistaken? Without the full political and fiscal control of independence, the Scottish Government does not have control of the levers to improve the lot of workers as Foyer claims.

It does not have full control of transport, nor our public services and certainly not the tax measures necessary to repair the damage done to our economy and workers’ living standards inflicted on us by this Tory Westminster government. All it can really do is spend the insufficient pocket money Westminster decides to give us.

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Sadly, the Labour prospectus of mirroring the key Tory policies of Westminster Unionist control and persistence with the clearly economic disaster of Brexit won’t cut it either.

Far from not being the priority, Scotland achieving independence is the only way that the root causes of this current Tory-induced extensive reduction of our living standards can be addressed.

Wouldn’t Roz Foyer do well in the interest of her members, and the rest of us, to join the public clamour for an independent Scotland as the platform where she can help create the climate of social and economic justice for all Scots?

Jim Taylor