I DON’T care if you’re in Alba, the ISP, the SNP or even Ungagged (whoever they are) – but if you believe in independence as the only solution to Scotland’s problems then you should all make the effort to join the All Under One Banner marches and rallies.

I was fortunate enough to help out with the one in Paisley last year and the organisers did their best to encourage as wide a range of speakers from across the independence movement as possible. They always do. It’s not their fault that some act like petulant children and won’t share a stage with others – to be frank, if that’s your attitude then I don’t want to be part of your censorship. If you don’t like a particular speaker then don’t listen. It’s really simple to do. But let them speak and join the march so that we have as many people as possible marching across Glasgow in May, and everywhere else during the rest of their rallies.

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It’s not the political parties that Westminster is afraid of, it’s the combined power and voice of the Scottish people saying “We’re taking our independence now!” that worries them.

So chuck the petty infighting – have a go at one another every other day of the week – but join together and march with AUOB (and others) to make sure that Scotland’s voice is heard loud and clear: we don’t want to be part of this corrupt union and we want out NOW!

Cllr Kenny MacLaren