SO the Scottish Labour Party believes it is “election ready”??? What an intriguing read in Tuesday’s National, and notable that three shameless undemocratic Unionists (Anas Sarwar, Ian Murray and Jackie Baillie) are fronting this formal action as instructed to do so from their head office in London.

What a very unimpressive representation of the Labour Party’s election aspirations in Scotland – no savvy Scottish voter worth his or her salt should be taken in by this trio. Where to start when scrutinising these individuals?

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Firstly, Sarwar is a denouncer of Scotland’s constitutional right to self-determination and conveniently avoids any reference to the sovereign right of the Scottish people. A complicit political ally of the Scottish Tories, he doesn’t want Scotindy and despises the whole concept of self-determination. Therefore, it is a case of “get back in your box, Scotland” – Bitter Together personified!

He has also unashamedly been politicising the Scottish NHS for months and months to the chagrin of many staff who tirelessly work to deliver the service. This is a man who utters regular criticism (his political masterplan) of NHS Scotland, but with very few solutions. Also exposed as a political lightweight by Nicola Sturgeon on numerous occasions at FMQs and effectively put in his place.

Moving to Ian Murray, he is another serial denier of Scotland’s democratic right to hold a referendum at any time. And it is very noticeable how his personality transforms into the rabid Unionist that he truly is when someone presses the right button in pushing the case for the Scottish constitution and self-determination.

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He is the MP for Edinburgh South – the only Labour MP in Scotland by the way – and it is well known he is propped up by Tory voters who tactically vote for him because they know their own party has no chance in his constituency. I reckon he will finally lose his seat in the next General Election due to a significant increase in the number of constituency voters.

Lastly, the mere mention of a political lightweight named Jackie Baillie makes my blood boil with rage. This sanctimonious woman is another denouncer of Scotland’s sovereign right to self-determination – another arch-Unionist and proud of it!

I will never tire of criticising her crass, dismissive attitude when the issue arises of the removal of Trident from Faslane. Still shoving the WMD deterrent down our throats in spite of a huge Scottish public opinion against Trident – a disgraceful stance in my humble opinion!

To any voters who are sitting on the fence or thinking about voting for the Labour Party up here – don’t be taken in by these chancers who now even back the lie/con that is Brexit! they are not interested in Scotland at all!

Bernie Japs

IF you vote for our mob, we’ll vote for you,
you wear some red, and we’ll don the blue,
our caps shall be bonnie, adorned with a feather,
a different name, but still Better Together.

From under their feet we’ll pull SNP’s rug,
make their new leader look like a right mug ;
he shall feel sad, feel under the weather,
when we revive our Better Together.

Those voters who wish to break London’s grip,
shall moan when us Unionist join at the hip;
we use gutter politics to tighten the tether,
to keep them down we are Better Together.

So you change to blue and I’ll change to red,
enemies once, and now happily wed;
we can smirk and gloat, have a good blether,
about how we stooped low to be Better Together.

George Robertson

I READ Greum Maol Stevenson’s letter (Apr 11) regarding our First Minister’s dilemma: “will I, won’t I go where?” Personally I think he would have got abuse from all quarters what ever he chose to do.

When D Ross failed to attend a veterans day he took a barrage of stick, and rightly so.

Although I can see Greum’s point regarding the Yes rally, I do worry what our anti-Yes scribes would make of the decision not to go south. If the Yes vote was 60% republican he could take the chance and be Glasgow-bound, but at the moment it’s not, and my thoughts are that we would lose more Yessers if he didn’t attend the multimillion-pound extravaganza doon sooth.

Ken McCartney

PS there will be other rallies!

DAMNED if he does, damned if he does not. Can you not see the headlines? “First minister rejects half of Scotland’s people”. A field day for every Unionist media outlet in the UK and beyond.

Mag McNab