I AM deeply disappointed at the comments made by “party staffers”, as you describe them, on Wednesday’s front page.

This is the second day in a row that you have chosen to add fuel to the flames of the misogynist attacks against a very capable young woman.

As readers can observe, I live on the Isle of Skye, within Kate’s constituency. A constituency where Ian Blackford is our Westminster MP and indeed was “leader” there over many years. Ian is of course a member in the very same Free Church of Scotland. I cannot recall ever reading any attack on Ian, a very capable political operator, at any time throughout his leadership role and during which, like Kate, I assume he carried very similar beliefs. No attacks on his person or beliefs, by either your newspaper or the “staffers”. Misogynist indeed.

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I am not a member of the Free Church of Scotland, indeed not of any faith group, but I do respect anyone who has a belief.

If anyone knows the history of the foundation of the Free Church, particularly relevant to the history of the Highlands, you can have nothing but respect for the motives and actions which brought it into being through the “Disruption”.

I look for fairness across the dialogue, both in this paper and all media.

Humza Yousaf is a Muslim, a religion which, as I understand it, has very similar views on the topics so aggressively used to attack Kate, and yet your newspaper and the Scottish media are silent on his personal beliefs. Kate has made it plain that her personal views are just that, and would not affect her political approach or thinking with regard to her responsibilities were she to become leader and First Minister.

That should be the end of it both within this paper and the “Scottish” media.

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It is beginning to look like a “witch hunt” and I have to wonder who is behind this campaign to single her out and seek to discredit her?

As a constituent, I have met Kate several times.

After the first constituency “one to one” with my wife and I , I came out of the room and said to my wife Irene: “Kate is the next First Minister of Scotland”. It was just that apparent.

Don’t take my word for it. Professor Tom Devine, the renowned historian and her former tutor, described her thus on BBC Radio Scotland last Friday: “Kate has an outstanding intellect and moral philosophy, a truly honest person and head and shoulders above any other candidate in the running”.

Perhaps it is time we all grew up and recognised it should not be a problem to be a Christian, with devout Christian beliefs, in this aspiring “fairer, more just” Scotland that we all hope we live to see with independence.

Ian Stewart
Uig, Isle of Skye

WHO needs enemies when The National has for two days running front-paged Kate Forbes in what I – and many people I have spoken to – see as a campaign against her as next leader of the SNP. Surely The National should be congratulating Kate Forbes on her openness and truthfulness – patently lacking at Westminster.

Come on, give her a fighting chance – stop the negativity towards a potential leader who I and many others think will be equal to Nicola Sturgeon. What is wrong with being principled and honest in belief? Nothing. Miles above and ahead of what we witness daily at Westminster. 

I don’t care what religion she is, and congratulate Humza Yousaf in his public support of her to follow whatever religion she wants – no-one seems to be honing in on Humza as a practising Muslim!

Disappointment doesn’t cover it.

Frieda Burns