THANK goodness Shetland has seen sense and won’t be designating coronation day as a bank holiday. Let’s hope the other Scottish councils will do the same. At a time when money is short, children need every school day, parents do not need to find carers for their pre-school children, the NHS has enough staff shortages etc. Essential services cannot afford to have staff absent because of an unnecessary bank holiday.

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Who does Charles Windsor think he is to say we should have street parties and do some volunteering to celebrate his big day? I spent just over 20 years working in north-west England and Scunthorpe. We had plenty of volunteers but no street parties. In the Highlands the pattern is the same: plenty of volunteers but no alien street parties. It’s time he woke up to the real world, cancelled the multi-million farce and got to know those he believes are his subjects. If he really wants to help us, let him tell Sunak to allow Scotland its independence referendum to demonstrate we’re a democracy and are not married to England by force.

Catriona Grigg