I AM always amused by the annual attempt at 10 Downing Street to misappropriate Scots culture whenever Burns night comes around.

Rather than this year’s haggis toastie, perhaps ragout, olio or fricassee would have been more fitting fare for those who look down on Scottish tradition with a sneering, scornful view.

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Do these people in London not realise that they are soundly mocked by the Address to a Haggis? Have they not a clue that they are the object of criticism when they listen to A Man’s a Man?

Downing Street’s Burns supper? The honest man tho e’er sae puir looks and laughs at a that.

One more thing to bring to the attention of Mr Sunak before he forgets Burns and all else on this side of the Border until next year: now is the day and now is the hour. We will take our country back.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews