HOW refreshing to read Tuesday’s front page headline highlighting the opinion poll result with a resounding NO to the whole concept of Union Jackery being practised in Scotland.

It’s great to know there are many more citizens like myself who favour Scottish produce and certainly in my case it also ties in nicely with that pivotal moment a few years ago when a Brexit “decepticon” named Alister Jack brazenly tried to shove the GB logo and Union Jack label down our throats in spite of the fact that Brexit was rejected by Scottish voters.

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His antagonistic undemocratic behaviour regarding this subject was absolutely outrageous, and to think that this political nobody has been rewarded with a peerage by another Brexit “decepticon” named Boris Johnson – one shameless Tory crony backhanding another complicit Tory charlatan, with very little honour or moral fibre attached to either of them.

I will continue with my own crusade of filtering out Scottish produce and avoiding goods that flaunt a Union Jack label. Keep up the good work with enlightening opinion polls like this one – well done!!

Bernie Japs