THANKS for publishing a letter by Graeme McCormick in Thursday’s National advocating replacing all tax with an annual land rent. He’s not alone in thinking this is a good idea. I’d like to see it much more widely discussed. At the very least, who could argue against a transparent system of registering land that shows exactly who owns what? This is not the case at the moment.

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The STUC also recently produced some quite radical proposals for redistributing wealth in Scotland to raise money for public services (including replacing Council Tax with a Proportional Property Tax where you pay a small fraction of the value of your property every year), I’d love to hear the FM and her government’s response and if they intend to implement any of them.

It’s often said that to persuade voters to choose independence we need to make the case that an independent nation would be a better, fairer place to live. Surely reasonable proposals to redistribute wealth are part of this?

Malcolm Bruce