THE article by Judith Duffy in Sunday’s edition on the “Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales” made interesting reading. Apparently (amazingly), politicians from all parties are cooperating amicably to discuss the future government of a nation.

The Commission is considering whether independence, federalism or devo-max would strengthen democracy and thereby best serve the interests and aspirations of the people of Wales.

Evidence was given to the Commission from Mark Drakeford, Labour First Minister of Wales; Andy Burnham, Labour mayor of Manchester; and representatives from the Welsh LibDems, Plaid Cymru, the Greens and, wait for it, Tory UK minister David Lidington!

So refreshing, but what a contrast with the position in Scotland where we have opposition parties vehemently opposed to even contemplating any possible future for Scots other than being permanently shackled to England in the “precious” Union.

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Obviously, Mark Drakeford is a true socialist who puts the interests of the people of Wales before the interests of his party, unlike our very own Labour leader Anas Sarwar who doffs his cap to that other so-called socialist, the millionaire Knight of the Realm Sir Keir Starmer, he who believes in democracy except for those pesky Scots. It seems the Unionists are willing to discuss and consider the prospect of Welsh independence but not Scottish independence. I wonder why?

Could it be that Wales has little to offer England, therefore is expendable (no offence, Wales)? Or is it that Scotland – with its oil, gas, wind, water, whisky, world-renowned foods and, of course, its deep-water lochs for those obscene weapons of mass destruction – is just too essential to the UK? Or am I just being cynical?

Whatever decision the Supreme Court reaches this Wednesday is irrelevant. Westminster will never voluntarily let Scotland go, simply because it can’t afford to. If we want independence, we’ll just have to take it.

Good luck to those taking part in the marches on Wednesday. I wish you well, but the only march I’ll be on is the one that goes down to Westminster and hands in Scotland’s Declaration of Independence.

D Henderson

THEY will find that Westminster decides. If it is not in Westminster’s interests it will be ignored.

Brian Powell

THEY need to be wary of any Vow.

Jane Carlton

SURELY if there is not a clear and concise answer from the Supreme Court on Wednesday, the Scottish Government has to go all the way to the United Nations, where Scotland is regarded as a country in its own right. That organisation clear states that every country has a right to self-determination.

Now in this process I would expect Westminster (Commons and Lords) to play every dirty trick they can invent, and create barriers of fear. But these dirty tricks must be noted along with the fear caused, and used against the oppressor at any hearing.

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We, like any other country – Australia, Canada, America, Malta, India, Pakistan – have the right to reject the oppressor. And for this reason alone, we need to know the lawful route to independence.

Or do we remain as political prisoners/pawns in a unequal English colony, where Scotland has little say in the governance of its lands and wealth?

Robert McCaw