THE Queen is to appoint the new Prime Minister at Balmoral. It does not matter who it is, Sunak or Truss, they will be a prime minister voted into office by the mainly English Tory membership. An unelectable Prime Minister foisted on Scotland, a country that has not voted Tory since 1955.

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This act has really nothing to do with Scotland and could have possibly been done on Zoom, to save money in this time of approaching recession, caused mainly by the Tories and Rishi Sunak as Chancellor. A Chancellor who has written off £50 billion of taxpayers’ money without any attention for responsibility or accountability for his actions, allowed to get off the hook by a weak and feeble official opposition led by Sir Keir Starmer. His Labour party no longer is there for the working classes or willing to support workers’ rights. Shame on Labour, shame on Stammer.

This act of appointment in Scotland is solely an attempt to make us Scots (with the highest electricity standing charges in Britain) feel more British. Ha bloody ha.

Robert McCaw