SO Andy Burnham visits Scotland to see if he can get a better reception than Starmer and support the failing Sarwar.

More promises – just remember the Smith Commission – the Tories were willing to give more powers to Scotland than Labour.

Labour promises are not worth the paper they are written on. Its been over 100 years since Labour first floated the notion that the House of Lords be abolished – yet still they stuff it, just like the rest of them.

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The people of Scotland have been lied to again and again – “Labour needs Scotland to win an election”. Not true – even if all the 59 Scottish seats went to Labour, they could not overtake the present majority.

We now have the ridiculous situation where Labour is telling their front benchers not to appear on picket lines – imagine Labour unable to tie its colours to the mast on behalf of workers. Just as ridiculous as the Tory donor on the BBC Board in charge of impartiality.

Winifred McCartney