THANK goodness for Emily Maitlis and her lecture in Edinburgh.

Some of us have been complaining to and about the BBC for years – putting in complaints and getting nowhere. The appointment of a government spin doctor and Tory donor to the board of BBC and then putting him in charge of “impartially” is so laughable and wrong – we can see it but apparently the BBC cannot.

Her comments about “balance” are important – how many times during indy1 did we see panels with three Unionists against one independence supporter? How many times are we introduced to “experts” from secretly funded “think tanks” which are really lobbying groups and certainly not neutral in their views?

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There has never been any doubt in my mind that the present government wishes the BBC to be an arm of government and does not want any criticism from them – that’s why the fragrant Nadine wants rid of Channel 4: it dares to tell it like it is. They would like the BBC to be like their own backbenchers – nodding donkeys unable to think for themselves. How else can you explain away the sewage debacle?

The BBC response to Newsnight talking about Dominic Cummings breaking the rules was plain for all to see, but Downing Street complained and the BBC retreated.

The Newsnight team have not always been so impartial – remember the way they treated Corbyn, or indeed Alex Salmond – it’s just that now it’s as plain as the nose on their own faces how bad things have become.

Winifred McCartney

WHAT a curious National story (Aug 24) regarding Diana Gabaldon, the well-known author of the Outlander books, being asked about her views regarding Scotindy before her BBC interview all these years ago in 2014, especially when one considers the huge number of occasions that the BBC have fronted utter drivel emanating from the mouths of many Unionist “decepticons” and, more importantly, that the BBC interviewers/hosts rarely challenged the undemocratic nonsense/anti-Scotindy “spin” being broadcast to a public audience.

Now the ex-BBC presenter Emily Maitlis has commented that a BBC board member is an “active agent” (not the only one IMO!) of the Conservative party who is shaping the broadcaster’s news output by acting as the “arbiter of BBC impartiality”. I must say I want to see many more BBC whistleblowers calling out the corporation regarding a lot of the sinister politics being played out in their skewed pro-Union coverage of Scotland and the Scottish Government’s quest for self-determination. I’m also wondering how the BBC actually appoints new people to its organisation. Do they covertly vet them for any Scot nationalist or pro-Scotindy association? Do they undermine/demote anyone in their organisation who harbours such political tendencies?

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Let’s face it, it has become clear that the BBC has been infiltrated at different hierarchy levels by people who do not adhere to their code of conduct. There are lots of examples where the BBC has been exposed as a proponent of Unionism and politically orchestrated formal statements of defence have been made by a corporation that has been compromised beyond belief by political charlatans who have no respect for the law or democracy itself. What a disgrace!

Bernie Japs

I WAS delighted to read playwright Tim Walker’s letter (Aug 23) thanking the people of Scotland for so enthusiastically supporting his play Bloody Difficult Women.

Tim Walker’s treatment at the hands of the English media only serves to reinforce what we already know about the undemocratic and intolerant political atmosphere that exists south of the Border.

It is tremendously heartening to see recognition that democracy and thoughtful political engagement still flourish in Scotland!

Drew Macleod

GUYS, it was with frustration that I viewed the error in the report about Ruth Watson's comments (Media reporting of 2014 indyref was 'shocking', Aug 24). The article mentioned “Caledonia Radio” when it should have read Caledon Radio. To a budding internet radio station, the publicity lost by such a typo is incalculable, almost beyond measure. We are all, regardless of our political leanings, one big Yes campaign. Let’s please tighten up on attention to detail and advertise our outlets correctly.

Cliff Purvis
Veteran’s View, Caledon Radio

IT was with great disappointment that I learned that The National had miscalled Caledon Radio as Caledonian Radio.

As you will probably be aware, Caledon Radio is run by volunteers who go to great pains to get the truth out about Scottish affairs and combat the British propaganda spouted by the MSM in Scotland. Please ensure that in future you at least get their name right, and may I suggest as a way of apologising to Caledon Radio, you do a feature on the radio station. I feel that is the least you can do.

Bill Cruickshank
via email

(Ed: many apologies to all at Caledon Radio for this error)