SO! “Scotland won’t stand for indyref2 block from Tory PM” says Keith Brown, the SNP depute leader.

Sounds to me like more verbal claptrap and no action from the SNP. After all, we’ve already had, “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against our will”. And where are we now? We’re out of the EU against our will despite a 68% to 32% vote in favour of staying in. Just consider the damage to Scotland’s economy that Brexit is causing!

As a supporter of Independence for Scotland, may I just ask Keith Brown, via your columns, exactly what he proposes to counteract it? It seems to me that, apart from referring their case to the Supreme Court (an utter waste of time), the SNP are doing nothing about independence.

We’re getting occasional “white papers” stating the case for indy. But where are the party activists? Well, Ian Blackford is on holiday in America. But where are the others?

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I don’t see any of them calling public meetings to put the case for independence before the people. Nor am I aware of any attempts by them to join with other Independence supporting parties to put a “United Front” to the Scottish people in favour of indyref2.

I suppose there has been a little progress in that the Greens have now accepted the idea of fighting the next General Election as a plebiscite – whereas they previously stated that the appointment of candidates was up to local organisations. Does this mean they are prepared to sit down with others to decide where candidates will stand; or where they will stand down in favour of another Independence supporting candidate?

Independence for Scotland is bigger than Nicola Sturgeon; it’s bigger than Ian Blackford; it’s bigger than Alec Salmond or Patrick Harvie. It’s past time there was some sort of amalgamation between all the indy-supporting groups, including such background organisations as Common Weal, Scottish Sovereign Research Group (SSRG) and Salvo with a view to exploring every possible route to independence.

I believe the SSRG have identified eight possible routes. Although they might not all be as legal as a Section 30 route, they are all worth considering, including the possibly remote example of recalling the Convention of the Estates, and proclaiming Scotland’s Claim of Right, which is protected within the Treaty of Union.

They could even declare the Treaty “Null and Void”, on the basis of the number of times Westminster has breached its terms and conditions.

If we don’t do anything, then the “Withdrawal Act” that is presently lying in the House of Lords, awaiting a reading when they return in September, is likely to remove all the protections Scotland has under the Treaty.

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It will also remove the Human Rights Act and replace it with an English Bill of Rights. I understand that this bill will make everything “English”. Scotland could well become just another region of England.

We will have no separate Scottish legal system. Only the English legal system will apply. There will be no separate Scottish education system.

We will be forced to adopt the English curriculum and there will be no free University places for students.

And, of course there’s the NHS. At the moment, Scotland’s NHS is separate. But under this bill it’s likely to be amalgamated with the English one. They’re already talking about charging £10 if you miss a hospital or doctor’s appointment and a fee of around £25 just to visit a doctor has even been suggested. The more we delay achieving independence, the more blockages will be put in place to stop us ever getting it. We are not too wee or too poor. We are the “cash cow” that’s keeping England afloat!

Charlie Kerr