BORIS Johnson was voted in as leader by Conservative Party members less than three years ago. Knowing that this mendacious, indolent and devious politician would therefore become the Prime Minister of the UK did not, it would appear, make them reconsider his suitability for this role or what it might mean for the social, economic and political future of the United Kingdom. That this same group looks set to appoint Liz Truss as their new leader should really come as no surprise to anyone with any knowledge of the current Conservative Party and its values.

Ms Truss could euphemistically be termed a loose cannon and would certainly never be considered a frontrunner in the brain of Britain stakes. However, her imminent coronation as the new prime minister informs us clearly that the far right of the Tory party are still firmly in charge of the direction that the party will follow. Liz Truss will be their malleable puppet as they pursue their agenda of deregulation of the economy, the suppression of workers’ and human rights, the subjugation of devolved governments and the dilution of the welfare state.

The woman who encouraged mercenaries to go and fight in the Ukraine and who makes Keir Starmer look like a professional orator has recently dismissed the First Minister of Scotland as an attention seeker – a puerile and vacuous remark that sums up her utter lack of gravitas and statesmanship.

A weak and transparently flawed individual in 10 Downing Street can only damage the reputation and position of the UK on the world stage while further testing the limits of democracy post-Johnson. The alarming consequences of a self-harming Brexit are far from over for all who are unfortunate enough to remain under the authority of the Westminster government and a vacillating Truss will be putty in the hands of those who espouse extreme and dangerous solutions to delicate problems, whether they be with the Northern

Ireland protocol or Scottish independence.

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Tory MSPs who appeared to unite behind Mr Sunak as their choice for their new party leader are already leaving his sinking ship and endorsing the flibbertigibbet that is Liz Truss. MSPs like the constantly aggrieved Murdo Fraser have sold their political soul and traditional Conservative values in supporting their party’s lurch to the right-wing. Their support for Ms Truss and a very definite brand of an ultra conservative form of English nationalism and identity is the equivalent of signing their own political death warrant. Her dismissal of Scotland as a minor inconvenience or irrelevance plays into the hands of the independence movement. The long and wretched demise of the UK has just taken another twist.

Owen Kelly


IN her bid to become the next leader of the Conservatives and prime minister, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is “an attention seeker it’s best to ignore”.

In making that statement, Liz Truss ignores the fact that Nicola Sturgeon has been given a mandate for another referendum by the people of Scotland, are they to be ignored as well?

Given the fact that Ms Truss is in the midst of an electoral campaign for the leadership of her party, I think we can assume her outrageous anti-democratic outburst is an attempt to draw attention to herself and it’s best to ignore her.

There are already questions about the competence of Ms Truss, could it be possible she could outdo her predecessor as the worst prime minister in British political history should she become prime minister?

Sandy Gordon