ANY dispassionate and impartial observer witnessing recent events in the UK may be forgiven for believing that this is a state whose democracy is not only moribund but beyond any reasonable hope.

The heir to the throne of an allegedly apolitical royal family accepts a £1 million payment from the Bin Laden family for reasons unknown. Apparently he and his advisers thought this was a good idea despite the fact that it was glaringly obvious there would be international outrage and genuine anger from most decent people.

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This comes in the wake of Prince Charles receiving an enormous cash donation, Ealing comedy-style, in Fortnum and Mason bags and cases, from a former Qatari Prime Minster as well as allegations of donations for honours regarding a Saudi citizen.

It is clear to any sentient being that the depth of corruption in the British royal family rivals even the former Prime Minister, who remains completely shameless and unrepentant whilst celebrating a wedding bash at a billionaire donor’s expense (as ever – does the man ever pay for anything himself?) during the worst cost-of-living crisis in 40 years.

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The arrogance and utter lack of compassion or empathy of the self-styled ruling classes still provokes exasperation and indignation regarding their lack of interest and care in social justice and equality.They symbolise the rotten nature of the UK political landscape – the archaic and offensive House of Lords, the inequity of the first-past-the-post electoral system that preserves the stagnant two-party monopoly and the insular and xenophobic deception that can only be Brexit.

When Scottish independence comes, and it will, we will not enjoy a political nirvana nor a perfect democratic state. We will, however, leave the antediluvian duplicity of Westminster behind and try to embody ethical and social values in creating a country that can leave the stench of corruption behind and allow future generations to move towards a more progressive and fairer society.

Owen Kelly

SURELY even the most die-hard Labour party supporters in Scotland must now realise that the very best they can hope for under the current UK constitutional arrangements is for a temporary “Red Tory” government led by a Tony Blair devotee in Keir Starmer.

Those who are guided by the founding principles of the “party” and the aim of “Home Rule” for Scotland have a clear choice. Either they can temporarily lend their support to the SNP, or to another independence-supporting party, until a genuine Scottish Labour Party is formed following independence, or along with the trade unions which have been shunned by the “party” they can support the creation of a new independence-supporting Scottish Labour Party (SLP) now.

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The latter would seem the most effective course of action as it would not only assist the Scottish people in democratically expressing their views via the referendum that the current Scottish Government was elected to deliver, but it would also give the SLP a legitimate opportunity to lead the first elected government of a truly democratic independent Scotland.

Stan Grodynski
Longniddry, East Lothian

WELL there’s no surprise! It transpires that more than half of the now more than 14,000 who have signed the Tory billionaire Lord’s petition to have his good pal Johnson included with the two candidates in the ballot to replace him are as corrupt and dishonest as he is.

More than half of them are non-members of the Conservative party, whose members are the tiny portion of electorate entitled to vote in this ever-expanding farce. How bad must it get before sense and justice prevails down yonder ... and up here before we get a grip, leave and rejoin the normal world?

Tom Gray

I MUST say I was surprised to read JD Moir’s sanctimonious letter regarding my use of the “up” word in travelling to Perth to attend the AUOB protest at the Tory hustings in Perth on August 16 (Letters, July 29). I live in Edinburgh and will try to travel “up” to Perth with as many friends and family that I can muster.

There was no corrosive “Central-Beltism bias” intended in my letter at all and it was merely a word subconsciously used by me to travel from my own geographical position south of Perth.

I encourage Scotindy supporters from all regions of Scotland to try to travel “to Perth” to have one big Scotindy party/rally at a time when total unity for a common cause is key to pushing on and eventually winning our self-determination once and for all. LET’S DO IT!!

Bernie Japs

EVERY time Brian Cox has spoken on independence he makes a great case without any personal agenda, as was seen in this weekend’s Sunday National (Cox: Why I’m absolutely ready for indy campaign, July 31).

He would be a magnificent champion/ambassador for the movement. The various independence factions would find it difficult to argue a case for not uniting behind him. He is a man of incredible integrity having abandoned the old Labour party on principle and has become a staunch independence supporter, also on principle. He is, however, not strongly tied to any group, the SNP movement or government at Holyrood.

We desperately need a fresh but recognisable face carrying absolutely no perceived baggage – Brian Cox is such a person.

Douglas Skoyles
via email