IT is by no means a shock to the system that this Conservative UK Government wants to strip away our freedoms.

With each passing moment, it becomes ever clearer that we are being led by a dangerously right-wing cabal, with no care for people’s rights or the very foundations that our society has been built on.

The Bill of Rights Bill that is passing through the House of Commons right now should absolutely terrify you.

The replacement of the Human Rights Act with this legislation is a major constitutional change in the UK that stands to have a serious impact on everyone.

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Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said when he introduced the bill this week: “These reforms will reinforce freedom of speech, enable us to deport more foreign offenders and better protect the public from dangerous criminals.”

This will, of course, be music to the ears of racists, xenophobes and all the gammon bots on Twitter. However, what Mr Raab doesn’t tell you though is that this bill will essentially strip away rights

that you possess through the Human Rights Act.

We have seen justice served through the Human Rights Act. It has served as a backbone to our justice system. It protects victims of crime and promotes equality, it gives people a route away from injustices that have been served by the government at Westminster.

In getting rid of the Human Rights Act, the Tories are essentially announcing they think human rights have gone too far – what other reason is there to remove it, and for whom do they think rights have gone too far?

It has already been established that this bill has essentially been put in place to dilute the UK’s commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), in turn giving the Tories free reign for them to rip up the Human Rights Act in the UK.

The ECHR steps in when the UK starts getting out of control as we saw with the situation of UK asylum seekers being deported to Rwanda. Without that protection in place, the Tories will be free to inflict whatever they like with no accountability.

A government that removes itself from courts and laws that protect our rights in the UK – I’m sure there’s a word for that.

As a gay woman, I would most likely never have been writing this column if it was not for the Human Rights Act and the pivotal role it played along with the ECHR in enshrining gay rights.

The right to be treated as equals with equal access to protection regardless of gender, sexuality, race or age is protected by law and what the UK Government is doing right now is disregarding the groundbreaking process that has been established.

Every minority and under-represented group in the UK need to be on our toes because this government has no remorse when it comes us – it has no common sense. This is a government that makes and breaks laws to appease the right-wing agenda and party donors; everyone else needs to take a back seat.

Not only will removing the Human Rights Act cause untold damage domestically, there is also international damage to be considered as well. Over the last decade, the UK has gone from being a global political force with a seat at the table, to an isolated wee island hell-bent on harming itself.

Against the backdrop of Brexit, multiple incompetent prime ministers, the cost of living crisis and the rampant corruption we see in Westminster, anyone who tells you the Tories will care and protect those who need it is either a liar or an idiot.

When we look at what this means for us in Scotland, the picture is no more optimistic. For example, since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, the Scotland Act made clear that Westminster could not legislate in devolved areas, and certainly not without the consent of Holyrood.

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However, this Tory government has routinely legislated in devolved areas and has done so even when consent is explicitly withheld by the Scottish Parliament.

Both the Scottish and Welsh governments have firmly opposed the Bill of Rights Bill and yet it matters not a jot.

If a government is willing to ignore democratically elected parliaments and courts of law, why would it ever listen to me and you?

When Dominic Raab says getting rid of the Humans Right Act will be good for you, believe him at your peril.