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COMMENT Mhairi Black: Westminster full of sleaze – and it is not going to get any better

SLEAZE in Westminster is nothing new. “Sex scandal”, “bullying scandal”, “sexism”, “harassment”, “misogyny” are all pretty common words to see in headlines about the place. The number of these scandals has been increasing steadily throughout my lifetime. People have long known the place is a cesspool, but when people ask me about Parliament, I must tell them the truth: things are getting worse.

comment Mhairi Black: Rishi Sunak is deliberately not doing enough to help those in need

THE largest reduction in living standards since records began. That’s what is about to hit people all across the UK. That’s not the typical hyperbole of party-political press releases talking. It’s not the standard political juggling of figures to make the party in power look as bad as possible. It’s the Office of Budget Responsibility – the non-political, non-partisan, non-departmental public body – talking. Energy and food prices are skyrocketing at previously unforeseen rates, whi