I THINK the SNP youth wing need to ponder for a minute and read the history of imperial Britain and the involvement of Scottish soldiers who were involved in building that empire over 200-odd years (SNP youth wing in major shift to back Nato membership, May 23).

British armed forces invaded China, India, Afghanistan (x3), Malaya, South Africa, Kenya, Cyprus, Egypt (Suez) and Iraq (where we were the invaders – based on a CIA lie, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction!)

Tony Blair knew it was a lie transmitted to him by George W Bush. But George said “do it” and Blair did it!

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The British/American invasion of Iraq was every bit as unprovoked and as violent as any Russian invasion of Ukraine. Estimates of Iraqi civilian deaths are in the hundreds of thousands – with British, American, Polish and Danish troops being charged with war crimes!

This is not an excuse for Russia but it is a reminder to youngsters that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Roy Linton
via email